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      • 15. Re: "Snapshot hierarchy is too deep" after vSphere Replication crashed
        racom Enthusiast

        Resoved. I've turned VM off and finished consolidation then:


        1. cp <disk name>-000256*.vmdk ../restore

        2. grep CID ../restore/<disk name>.vmdk ../restore/<disk name>-000256.vmdk

        3. vi ../restore/<disk name>-000256.vmdk

        4. vmkfstools -i ../restore/<disk name>-000256.vmdk ../restore/<disk name>_1.vmdk

        5. rm *.vmdk

        6. mv <disk name>.vmsd <disk name>.oldvmsd

        7. vmkfstools -i ../restore/<disk name>_1.vmdk <disk name>.vmdk

        8. vi <disk name>.vmx


        I've remove VM from inventory and add it back again before the 8. step. I had to change disk names in the 8. step. VM looks well after powering on. Thanks for help.

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