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    Question about Resource Pool CPU MHz Limit in Resource Pool

    ronnutter Novice

      I recently went through the vSphere ICM class and had a question that the instructor couldnt answer.  In creating a resource pool, under CPU Resources window, Limit section of the window, there is a figure that is greyed out (in my case on a MacBook Pro, it shows 3751. My question is how you know what the max limit is for the host you are working on ?  In my case, my MacBook Pro has an i7 CPU and I have 2 CPU's assigned to VMware Fusion.  Is the 3751 figure the max MHz for this machine ?  Is there a way that I can find out what the max value is for a particular host ?  I am interested in using a Resource Pool to be able to "split" resources of a host between two groups that fund the host but at different levels.  I have been looking for information on how to find the max value for this item and havent found anything.