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    ESXi 5.1 on cisco UCS blades proc xeon e5-26800, and 26900 random PSOD's

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      We're having random PSOD's on a random selection of 48 blades we have in 2 islands of 24 each. We have 2 sides, 1 on 5.0 and 1 on 5.1. Vmware suggested a set of patches, which caused the vm's on at least one of the blades to hang(actually 2 of the 6 we upgraded I believe). Several other blades the vm's appear to be fine after the patches. We've upgraded server side firmware and software drivers, to no avail. We're losing a host about every 3 days to PSOD, and those might HA 80 vm's off or 15...really no pattern (loaded or near empty doesn't matter). Anybody having similar issues?


      Current layout of 1 side (we'll look at it so we don't have too many variables).



      256GB ram

      connected via 2.1 ucs environment to IBM storwize v7000


      esxi 5.1.0 build 1117900


      We're considering going to the vmware build and hand installing drivers at this point....if the native install doesn't have everything required.