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    How do you set OVF properties in the VMware Studio build profile?

    AltonYu Novice

      I have been looking at the docs for ages and trawling the net but I can't find any information on how to set the following OVF properties from within a VMware Studio build profile file (via VADK markup).  The highlighted ones below I would like to be able to set from within my build profile….


          <ProductSection ovf:class="vami" ovf:instance="IT_Continuity_Architect" ovf:required="false">

            <Info>VAMI Properties</Info>

            <Category>Networking Properties</Category>

            <Property ovf:key="gateway" ovf:userConfigurable="true" ovf:type="string">

              <Label>Default Gateway</Label>

              <Description>The default gateway address for this VM. Leave blank if DHCP is desired.</Description>


            <Property ovf:key="DNS" ovf:userConfigurable="true" ovf:type="string">


              <Description>The domain name servers for this VM (comma separated). Leave blank if DHCP is desired.</Description>


            <Property ovf:key="ip0" ovf:userConfigurable="true" ovf:type="string">

              <Label>Network 1 IP Address</Label>

              <Description>The IP address for this interface. Leave blank if DHCP is desired.</Description>


            <Property ovf:key="netmask0" ovf:userConfigurable="true" ovf:type="string">

              <Label>Network 1 Netmask</Label>

              <Description>The netmask or prefix for this interface. Leave blank if DHCP is desired.</Description>





      The build profile file contains the following which results in the above OVF content.  Is there a way of setting the Label and Description content from within my build profile?


                     <Section xsi:type="vadk:BuildSection_Type">



                                                   <vadk:NetworkConnection>VM Network</vadk:NetworkConnection>








      This would be a massive help in fixing an issue which a lot of our customers are seeing at deployment time.  If we can set the Label content we can (a) control the order of the parameters on the deployment wizard and (b) present more user friendly guidance.