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    Navigator user web access

    kimped Enthusiast



      I have a user which has Read Only access to vCenter and I want to provide him access to Navigator but he keeps getting " Infrastructure Navigator can only be used by vCenter Server administrators".

      Is this "working as designed" or has anybody been able to provide access to a user ???

      If this is as expected, will this be changed in an upcoming release ????

      We are running Navigator 1.1.


      Looking forward to hear from you.




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          In order to start the discovery and benefit from Navigator outcome, you need to access as an Administrator; this is by design, not a bug.




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            kimped Enthusiast

            Hi Nir,


            Perhaps I was not clear in my question .

            I have no problems with getting everything discovered. My problem is that I have a user which only has Read Access to vCenter and I don't want to change that. This user also needs to have a look into what Navigator can offer to clarify how things is connected.

            Hopefully this clarifies my question.



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              I understand, Kim.


              We researched the user-authentication need and it turned out that mostly vi-admins use Navigator (which indeed they are the target audient of Navigator); since vi-admins use administration credentials, we prioritized other features they can benefit from (User Define Services for example), on account of creating read only access.


              In 2.0 though we plan to introduce an exportability feature, so an admin could export the data in which other users can see. I hope this will address your need.




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                kimped Enthusiast

                Hi Nir,


                Thanks for clarify things.


                We are looking forward to 2.0 - now





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                  Any time, Kim.


                  Although it's too preleminary now, we plan to have a beta program for 2.0 in ~Julay; if you like to join this program we can check if the environment you are running meets the 2.0 beta requirements.


                  If this sounds interesting, please send me an email and we will discuss it further - norengiladi@vmware.com.


                  Thanks again,


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                    AGJS78 Novice

                    Well, maybe you can  replace another options like cloud computing.These services are in three categories, platform service, infrastructure service and software service.

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                      torpeck Lurker


                      This is an old issue (may 2012) but refers to the new release of Navigator coming(V2)


                      Now that version 2 is here..


                      I do not see the option of giving non-Administrators the rights to veiw the navigator tab in the WEB client.


                      Wasn't this going to be an option in V2?


                      Is it still that we must have VI-Administrator rights to veiw Navigator data?




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                        VIN 2.0 doesn't (and wasn't planned to) support User Management feature.

                        We are aware of the need of having non-admin access the data VIN discovers and we documented this feature in '13 backlog.

                        Having said that, in '12 we prioritized other features to leverage VIN's usage for vi-admins day to day work; some of these features can be useful also for non-admins users till we will release the User Management feature.

                        Two of these features are:

                        1. Export - VIN users can now export VIN's data and share the map as well as the table view (csv) with other, non admins.

                        2. Export to Inventory Service - VIN is now integrated with vCOPs and automatically exports the data so any user can view the Application Instances and       the dependencies between VMs in vCOPs.

                        I hope these two features mitigate the use cases you outline above.



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                          I've just checked with engineering and I can confirm that we are in the middle of implementing the User Management feature, in other words there are good chances customers will have it in '13 release.




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                            GrantBrunton Novice

                            Any idea on when this new version is planned on being available?


                            We have just deployed VIN 2.0 in our infrastructure but the people who are supposed to be administering and using it are not vCenter Administrators and will not be granted vCenter Admin roles.

                            This product has now become completely useless to us because we cannot grant the people who need to use it the access they require.


                            The people that are supposed to be using it are application support but not infrastructure support.

                            It is their responsibility to define the application and service groups in VIN to create the required application maps but we do not want them having administrative access to vCenter at all.

                            The export functionality is therefore no use here as it would then require an infrastructure administrator to create all the application definitions for the application architects and go through creating all the exports of numerous maps for them manually. Too much work for someone who does not have the responsibility to maintain this kind of information.

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                              VIN next version which is scheduled to be release soon, will allow non admin users to view VIN screens. The only permission they will need is 'read only' on a VM to see it in VIN's screens (map and tables).


                              Please notice though that this version will only be compatible with NGC 5.5


                              We are working on the following version to also support NGC 5.1 with that feature.




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                                GrantBrunton Novice

                                Is NGC just a fancy term for the Web Client?


                                And when you say NGC 5.5 what is required to support that?

                                Is it just a Web Client server upgrade or does it also need a vCenter upgrade to support it?

                                We are currently running vCenter 5.1 with ESXi 5.0 hosts.