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    Metrics Documentation

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      Hey all,


      I was hoping to find someone that knew where some reasonably detailed metrics documentation for vCOPs might exist. I've tried searching quite a few times but come up with very little. I've reviewed both these without finding what I'm looking for:


      vCenter Performance Counters


      The problem I'm having is that I can identify the vCenter counters thanks to the documentation, but what I see in vCOPs isn't always so easy to comprehend without something other than the metric name. For example, Disk > IO Usage Capacity is one that isn't so clear. Here's a screenshot of what I mean:




      Now it's obvious that it's related to Disk IO, but usage capacity? Is it a roll-up of total IO usage for a specific object over the collection interval, and if so where does capacity come in? Also curious if it is a rollup if there's a way to translate it to IOPS instead (outside the obvious manual calculation).


      What I'm hoping is that I managed to miss documentation somewhere. If I can confirm it doesn't exist, I'll go ahead and submit it as a request, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be "searching for the keys in my pocket" so to speak.