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    Issue with Resizing of the virtual hdd

    vijayalka Novice

      Hi Team,



      One of the user asked to expand the drive D size from 100GB to 150 GB for Win OS-2008.

      I have expanded the virtual disk sucessfully from 100 to 150 GB.

      Steps to be followed to expand the dsk are given belwo:-


      Windows 2008 allows you to extend volumes without taking the VM down or needing any downtime.  The process looks like this:


      1) Extend the size of the VMDK file from the VI Client.

      2) From inside the VM, launch Disk Management.  Right click and select "Rescan disks"

      3) You should see partitioned space and unpartitioned space.  Right click on the partitioned (blue) space, and click Extend Volume.  A short wizard will walk you through the process of extending the volume.



      When checking Disk Mgmt showing the correct size that is 150 GB, but when checking into the MyComputer console it is showing 100GB only.


      When checking through diskpart showing 150GB correct one.


      Team:- I have rescan the disk, done reboting the virtual machine, done logoff/login also.



      Please help to resolve the issue.


      We are using Vcenter5.0



      Vijay Bhardwaj