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    Can't call method "extraConfig" on an undefined value at ./script.pl line 3584.

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      I have the error message: "Can't call method "extraConfig" on an undefined value at ./script.pl line 3584." when I try to execute the script. I am running this script from the following command line:

      ./script.pl --server test01.test01.test.net --recommend_check_level enterprise



      The HTML report is empty and the output was captured by the pastebin links below

      http://pastebin.com/gEELSGz3   -- dry run
      http://pastebin.com/k5MYAJrY -- debug


      When I check the temporary /vSphereHardenReport, there are some tmp file showing SSL errors.

      http://pastebin.com/vFTsA02S -- tmp file


      I'm using vMA connecting through SSH.  Any advise would be much appreciated.