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    SQL Server 2012 Downgrade to 2008 Licensing

    FJ1200 Enthusiast

      We're moving vCenter 5.0 from a test VM to a purpose built one with vC 5.1, and intend to use SQL Server 2008, but have to buy 2012 (ker-ching!) and use the downgrade rights and so I assume we therefore have to use 2012 licensing.  I'm desperately trying to navigate the hidden maze that is MS and VMWare licensing and CALs.  We will be running SQL Server locally to vCenter, as the cost is getting prohibitive otherwise and we don't have a vast system anyway.


      We have 10 VM hosts with approaching 40 VMs.  As far as I can see, I need a 4-core SQL license and then CALs x N.  What I need to know is - what is N?  Do I have one per host, one per vCenter user or what?  Any SQL licensing gurus out there?  This is an urgent requirement, I'm told.


      I've read lots of threads here and on other techy sites, but is there a difinitive answer to Life, the Universe and SQL Server Licensing?  unfortunately the Force isn't helping me much here!


      many thanks

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          CrazyKevo Lurker

          Here is My understanding of the Per Core and Cals


          per core is limited so if your server has 2 Quads that is going to be 8 licenses

          and per cals it is unlimited so really

          best thing is to buy the license with 5 cals and then down grade to 2008 or 2008 R2


          Thats the I understand iI got. **and buy far not the smartest rock in the bag**

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            DCSpooner Enthusiast

            SQL is now licensed per Core where once it was licensed per socket. but the one thing that has not changed is the server + CAL(device or user) licensing model.

            with the per core model you do not need CALs. that is why it is so expensive (1 scoket = 4 cores).

            the best for you is the server + CAL model. when i set my up i bought about 5 device licensed and 40 users.

            i mix the users and device licenses so if the device is licensed then unlimited users for that device. hoverever if the user licensed then the user can access SQL with unlimited number of devices.

            so in your case vCenter is a device then it can use unlimited users. next how many users will be connecting to SQL server? in my case i had 40 as i was also using my SQL server for SharePoint.