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    Storage vMotion for Oracle RAC VMs

    pcoppola Lurker

      We are starting to virtualize Oracle RAC at our company.  Initially we followed the Oracle Databases on VMware RAC Deployment guide, which specifies using a bus sharing setting of "none" for most of the SCSI adaptors.  The same guide recommended using the "physical" bus sharing policy for SCSI adaptor related to the CRS and Voting disks.  We eventually ignored this and set the CRS and Voting disk SCSI adaptor settings to "none" like the other disks, probably because we wanted to facilitate vmotion, which cannot be done with the physical setting per KB 1003797.  While provisioning a new pair of RAC VMs, I noticed that storage vmotioning the "primary" VM where I had initially provisioned the shared disk left a copy of the shared disks behind on the old datastore, presumably because the second VM still refers to that location when looking at the shared disk - thus the 2 VMs no longer shared common disks.  How can I allow vmotion and storage vmotion for RAC VMs while preventing storage vmotions from "breaking" the shared disks?  Is there a "safe" way to storage vmotion these VMs?