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        TomHowarth Guru
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        The fact still remains that VMware started this with the removal of VMTN when they released VI3 back in the day.  and I see no evidence of that wrong being righted.  and with the stance that M$ has just taken, I feel that our task has just taken another backward step in to oblivion

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          Texiwill Guru
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          While TechNet is going away MSDN is not. MSDN gives me the access but I have to pay for the service. If there was something available from VMware LIKE MSDN then I would definitely purchase that level of VMTN subscription.


          Best regards,

          Edward L. Haletky

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            pbraren2 Lurker

            Kind of suspected this thread would jump back to life, when I wrote this related post up yesterday:


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              EV_Simon Enthusiast



              MSDN is not aimed at the infrastructure techy, at over £5100 for the same level access that I currently have to Technet (at a cost of £230) going down the MSDN route simply isn't the way forward for most of us.


              Quite simply MS are alienating their core infrastructure engineer base by doing this.

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                TomHowarth Guru
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                Agreed that MSDN is still available, but the cost price of MSDN against TechNet is significant for the hobbiest, or single person attempting to improve their knowledge.

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                  aleg Lurker


                  I pay for my own TechNet subscription/renewal.  On top of memberships, magazines, software, tools, and services that make my work/life easier.  An MSDN subscription that would give me access to a similar product library would be a huge chunk out of my take-home pay.  It's never going to happen.


                  $200, 300, even 400 dollars for something that is core to my work or career development, I will find the money.  I pay for my own books and training too.


                  VMware and MS are taking the same tack:  get your employer to pony up the big bucks, or we cut you off.


                  Sadly, I ponied up a lot of big bucks for VMware training, and my demo environment expired at 5pm on Friday, the last day of class.  Thank you for the $5K, now go download the expiring demo.

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                    TomHowarth Guru
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                    Agreed, I thankfully get a premium MSDN subscription as part of my current permy gig but there is no way I could justify that sort of outlay if I was still a contractor

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                      Mark2012 Lurker

                      I think both of these moves are indications of the declining emphasis on private infrastructure.  Having a private server infrastructure may be a niche configuration in the not-so-distant future.  Soon, many of us may just be configuring cloud services rather than building things from the ground up.  Which means it may be time to start focusing skill-sets on providing access to the cloud rather than building your own.  I see a decreasing demand for everybody to have their own private vSphere implementation.

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                        regnak2007 Novice



                        Just renewed my Technet subscription last month. The cheapest MSDN is €750 up front and €535 per year thereafter. Bit of a hike but something I might consider. Or just build and license as many server 2012 R2 instances as I can before my subs goes dark! The main reason I subscribed is to have a legal licensed copy of windows for long term labs, save me rebuilding every other week. I think this is mainly a move by Microsoft to bludgeon piracy, but that's just my opinion. With nothing equivalent out there from VMware or others it narrows the field and makes me consider alternatives, leverage work to pay for it or look at appliances which don't use windows. I've been using the vCenter appliance for labs more recently and found it very suitable for that purpose. Guess I'll revert to SQL Express, easy option in my opinion. I think the timing is good in that new network and storage appliances are on the way and Microsoft will be just one choice among many for certain features before long.....



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                          freefall Novice

                          Hi All


                          I had an interesting discussion with two local IT companies that used to attend the local VMUGs but requested last year to be taken off the contact list. They had their partner status removed so that they could not sell VMware product despite all the services work they were doing in the 1-100 user space. As such both companies have ceased providing VMware solutions and have migrated all their customers to Hyper-V solutions or Azure Cloud. They don't want to have to get licenses through the likes of Dell or HP as these organisations then come in and try to take over the customer.


                          I see the removal of TechNet, VMTN and these constant partner agreement changes are part of these larger companies looking at more centralised approach where they only want to have to deal with larger organisations. I remember Citrix did this a few years ago and we all saw how well that went for them.


                          As hypervisors become ubiquitous and the focus is more around the management stack, there is even a greater need for VMware to support the contractors and influencers with access to the ever increasing product set to better inform themselves to then better inform their clients.


                          The approach taken in the past where decissions are made without consultation, alienates the very people VMware are trying to get to evangelise their product set. VMware is great with putting out their surveys, why don't they put out a survey on this issue?


                          I know I ramble but 'CMON get with it VMware, show some leadership here and bring back VMTN to support those who have supported you.

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                            Nwconfig Novice

                            because the vendors want to take all the business

                            they don'w watn any engineers except theirs to be expert.

                            At lease it looks like that to me, and the industry seems to be

                            moving in that direction. 

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                              Nwconfig Novice

                              MSDN  per year  >>  $13,299.00 full boat

                                                          >>  $699.00  smallest, Windows OS only


                              not exactly cheap, bargin?

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                                pbraren Hot Shot
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                                Looks like Chris Wahl has kicked this dialogue back into action today, over here:

                                Signs of Life for the VMware VMTN Subscription Movement via @ChrisWahl | Wahl Network

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                                  arunrj Novice

                                  It would be awesome if VMTN is brought back taking into account the sheer number of VMware products we have today.