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    Single Host, essentials, how/if do you run vCenter Server?

    DHusby Novice

      I am having quite the challenge using the vCenter Server & update manager.


      First I found the great prepackaged Vcenter appliance (I expected it was logical to have one) and thought what an elegant solution. But then, while trying to figure out why I didn't have the Update Manager plug-ins, realized that the Update Manager isn't support with the appliance. Windows server only!


      So suddenly the appliance is looking rather useless as that would mean having to run 2 vm's just to manage my single host. So it is looking like having to run a second Windows Server just to be able to update the host. During my initial tests I couldn't get the updates on the same host as the manager & server. It appears that you have to have these vm's on a SEPARATE host as the one you are updating. Now suddenly this is all very frustrating if I have to run VMWorkstation or have a second physical server.


      So, I am wondering what other single host people are doing with their configurations.