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    Error creating admin user – hostname in certificate didn’t match

    Virtually_Jim Enthusiast

      We have a working installation of Horizon Workspace but installed another one since we want the gateway-va to have a more user friendly name that will be the same as the outside address for when it’s in production.


      I noticed that the VM name has to be gateway-va (or at least don’t see how to change it) but the FQDN can be whatever you choose in the setup so I named it horizon.xxxx.com to match what we want to use on the outside. I also have the other VMs with the same xxxx.com but kept the default names.


      Everything seems to be fine until I got to the configurator part where it’s doing the database setup (internal for us). When I choose Next after selecting Internal Database it thinks for a while then gives me an error that says “Error creating admin user – hostname in certificate didn’t match: != OR OR”.


      Could this have to do with having 2 Horizon vApps running even though they are use different IP addresses and don’t use the same prefix on the host?