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        continuum Guru
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        > Does anyone know if I use two separate volumes and then combine them together, will it work?


        You do not really want to do that. With Windows VMs the most troublefree approach is to use one vmdk per partition or driveletter.
        This way you can expand vmdks easier , you can easily switch datadisks to another VM, .... lots of advantages ...

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          Plamen Master
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          It might be possible to success if you combine the 2 volumes on a single vmdk on the destination (with the inconveniences continuum mentioned). The log shows that the nfc tickets for both disks have been taken in the beginning. Eventually the ticket for the second disk may have timed out during the cloning of the first volume (no guarantee, just a guess).




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            gparker Enthusiast

            Hi all,


            I've just experienced a similar issue, i.e., "BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: Detected a write error during the cloning of volume \WindowsBitmapDriverVolumeId=[59-4E-26-28-00-7E-00-00-00-00-00-00]. Error: 37409 (type: 1, code: 2338)".

            I'm running Converter Standalone v5.1.0 Build 1087880 and when I attempted to P2V a Windows 2003 server with a C: and D: drive, the C: drive completed successfully and then it failed as it started the D: drive. The speed of the P2V was *EXTREMELY SLOW*, I'm talking 566KB/s!!! After reading through all these posts, I disabled the SSL encryption as per Re: Increasing the cloning performance and that fixed my problem. The physical server I'm converting is a very old Proliant model and I'm thinking that its CPU just couldn't handle the load from the encryption.



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