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    Vcenter vs SAN metrics

    taylorb Expert

      First off, I am not having any problems right now, just deploying a new SAN and taking baselines.  I'm noticing a bit of a discrepancy between what my SAN says and what Vmware says, primarily around latency.    I will see somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-4ms of latency using my SAN monitoring tools for each LUN.   However, on the Vcenter side, I have occasional spikes into the 15-30ms range that do not appear on the SAN tools.    I can only assume this latency is on the Vmware side.   Also IOPS are often not equal, but that's probably not a big deal. 


      Is this normal?   And again, it's not really a problem as my average latency is about 1ms, it is just the occasional spikes I see from Vcenter that do not appear on the SAN that concern me.