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    Congratulations to the VCDX vExperts!

    Hot Shot

      Please join me in congratulating the VCDX-holders who were awarded vExpert status for 2013. Now let's get as many vExperts to become VCDX!


      Mark Achtemichuk  

      Eiad Al-Aqqad  

      Magnus Andersson  

      John Arrasjid  

      Martijn Baecke  

      Doug Baer  

      Jason Boche  

      Mike Brown  

      Chris Colotti  

      Matt Cowger  

      Frank Denneman  

      Duncan Epping  

      Tomas Fojta  

      Wade Holmes

      William Huber  

      Mostafa Khalil  

      Artur Krzywdzinski  

      Jason Langone  

      Simon Long  

      Scott Lowe  

      Brad Maltz  

      Andrea Mauro  

      Jason Nash  

      Josh Odgers  

      Joep Piscaer  

      Fabio Rapposelli  

      Rawlinson Rivera  

      Ethan Rowe  

      Rick Scherer  

      Brian Smith  

      Christian Strijbos  

      Matt Vandenbeld  

      Christopher Wahl  

      Michael Webster


      (If I missed anyone please add your name!)