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    Need start up with VMWare API in c++

    Aryan_lohia Lurker

      Hi guys,

               Last two days I continuously reading document on "VMware-vSphere-SDK-5.1.0-774886" (SDK) ,that I got from VMware site. But really I get nothing because its so huge and special for C# and java developers. As C++ newbie can get some step by step information in C++.Like,

      1. How to use VMware in C++.
      2. How to use AppUtil API
      3. How to use Vim25Api
      4. Which are the requirement for running VMware successfully with C++ That is,
        • Setup requirement
        • Update in registry
        • Which exe or DLL should I import to get the support of AppUtil interface
        • Need small program to login with VMware server with VMware VSphere API.





      Thanks and regard

      Aryan Lohia