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    Office webapps

    Adam Cook Hot Shot

      Is there any way to integrate office webapps into the horizon data web interface?

      i would like to click on a document in horizon data and have it open in an on site implementation of Microsoft office web apps.

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          FerrerDeCouto Master

          Hi nonsparker,


          I've read in workspace documentation that you can install LibreOffice or MIcrosoft Office Preview to see docs inside Web data space.


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          Jose Luis Gomez

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            umarmuha Novice


            That is correct, you can integrate LibreOffice and Microsoft Office Preview server with Horizon Workspace but that only gives you the ability to view the documents. Is it possible to have true integration of Office Webapps into Horizon Workspace so users can edit and collaborate on documents using the web interface? I played around with office webapps in a trial version of Office 365 and it seems to work pretty decent. Office Webapps still dont provide the live collboration at the google apps level but it also doesn't create multiple conflicting files if multiple users are working on the same document. My understanding is that you need Share Point server to have Office Webapps on premise. So the question would be that is it possible to setup Office Webapps in your own enviornment and then integrate that into Horizon Workspace so it provides the editing and collaboration capabilities like Skydrive/Office 65? Thank you in advance.



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              eucluke Novice

              From what I understand of Workspace v1.0 this is not possible. If you wish to edit documents locally you have several options, the three most easiest ways would be to have Office installed on that device, use ThinApp for that device (MS OS dependent) or load up your Horizon View desktop and edit it within that.

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                Adam Cook Hot Shot