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    Creating the DSN needed to connect vCenter 5.1 to SQL Server

    StageCoach201110141 Enthusiast

      I'm looking for a simple, step-by-step process to create the DSN needed to connect vCenter Server 5.1 to an already-configured SQL database.


      It should be simple, yet usable by someone who is not a database administrator.  It should assume no database knowledge.


      It should be usable on the 64-bit Windows 2008 Server R2 OS when connecting to a SQL Server 2008 R2 database.


      It should include ALL the options I need to configure when setting up the DSN, so that afterward I can run vCenter Server 5.1 install and breeze on through.


      Screenshots would be great too but if you just have a step-by-step it would be great.  Something you can pass on to totally database illiterate team members and they can walk through step by step.  VMware docs don't give enough details and don't point to a good reference either.