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    SVMotion fails between 2 SANs

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      Having an issue transferring datastores.  I'm not going to go into the whys and wherefores, but I have 30-odd VMs in a single cluster to migrate over 9 identical hosts and 2 SANs and we're moving them all into 3 clusters.  Some are 'easy' - the hosts share the same LUNs on the SANs - FWIW, I can browse both and create folders on both -  so I thought I'd use do those and get them out of the way.  I just need to move the VM files from SAN1 to SAN2 - on the same host - and the host has full access  to both.  Yet it gets to 27% during "Migrating the active state of the Virtual Machine", hangs, then falls over.   The flat file seems to be created but nothing else.  Disk space is not an issue.  The error message says to look in the logs for the svMotion entries but they don't seem to be very forthcoming.  I have an entry that states "swap datastore is unset".  Can't find anything from Mr Google, and I haven't changed the swap location.  The only change like that is host cache on an SSD on each host.


      With the other VMs - I have to move the files across datastores/LUNs and SANs and Hosts - fun fun fun!!   Lots of shared storage flying about.  This could get very very messy.  Going to take a long time, lots of planning.  Anyone done this and care to share?  I'll take all the help I can get!



      Looking at the logs it says is can't create the destination disk /vmfs/volumes/<ds>/<vm>/<vm>.vmdk file (no such device or address).