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    I'm running Windows 7 Pro with Fusion 5, Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, 10.8.3, 8GB, Excel 2013 keeps crashing

    keekeerun Lurker

      I recently installed Fusion 5.0.3 and Windows 7 Pro on my 2009 MacBookPro so I could run Quickbooks 2013 and Excel 2013.  I knew I was probably pushing the processor, so I always close all the Mac applications before launching VMware.  Quickbooks 2013 works beautifully, and I can see vmware-vmx in Activity Monitor using about 50% of the CPU.  The trouble starts when I open Excel 2013.  vmware-vmx charges up to 140% of the CPU, and Excel stops responding.  I set the VM Ram to 2 GB (as recommended) and core processor to 1.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!