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    Why only 4 vmotions with 10 GbE?

    ShawnPD Novice

      I have a very curious situation...at one time, I am sure I was getting 8 live vmotions at a time when I would put a host in maintenance mode.  Now I am only getting 4!

      We 4 H- BL 680c G7 blades connected to 2 - HP Flex10s.  We are not using external connections on the last Flex10 ports so we have 10 GbE connections between both Flex10s.

      The vmnics show 10000 for connection speed.  We are not throttling on the Flex10 nics at all.

      We are currently at 5.1, build 1063671

      We have also set up multi nic vmotion on a dvs using KB 2007467 as a guide.


      My question is, where to I even start to attempt to figure out why I am only getting 4 vmotions max versus 8. Please let me know if you need any further info to help us  out!  Thanks!

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          rickardnobel Virtuoso

          You should be able to have 8 over 10 Gbit, however I am not totally sure that it actually matter? I mean in the case that 8 vMotion transfers take time X, if doing only 4 at the time would complete in half that time frame, and if then vMotion initiating is done automatically through DRS then your host should evacuate in more or less the same time.