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    Troubleshooting "a general system error occurred migration failed while copying data. timeout"

    StuartB201110141 Novice

      Hi Everyone,


      Looking for a bit of help on this one. I am having real problems doing migrations from 1 host in a cluster of 8 hosts. Whenever I try to do a vmotion of more than one machine it gives the above error, after a long wait and watching the progress bar. If I try a single vmotion, it usually works ok, but not always. Sometimes it fails with the same error. Whichever one I try it is VERY VERY slow, taking about 15 times longer to fail than a normal vmotion between two other cluster members. The fact that I can quickly vmotion on other hosts in the cluster would sugges to me that there is an issue with the host, and not Vcenter or similar.


      VMotion has its own NIC so I doubt it is to do constrained networking. All cluster members are running ESXi 4.1, on same revision.


      I am also getting alarms, from this host only, that it cannot complete HA configuration.


      Where do I start to debug this mess ?