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      • 135. Re: Esxi 5.1 pci passthrough broken
        srwsol Enthusiast

        Does anyone know if there is a way to set a PCI device as pass through enabled via the command line?  So far I haven't been able to find any reference to the ability to do that via ESXCLI.  All the examples show it being done from either the vsphere client or the web client.  If there is a command line way to do it, then this problem can be circumvented by putting the command in a startup script.

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          stevedparry Lurker



          I've just uprgraded to 5.1 and like you guys, Im suffering from the inabilty to pass through a usb adapter. This thread hasnt had any activity in a few weeks and Im wondering what people have done about this bug. Is there a patch I can apply are Im I going to have to revert to 5.0u1?



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            MSTROWD55 Lurker

            As far as I know you will have to revert


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              srwsol Enthusiast

              As I posted above, after the last patch you can make it work, but the problem is that after each ESXi reboot you have to go back into the settings and recheck the usb controller as being allowed for USB pass through, otherwise on the next reboot it will be gone again.  Go back a few pages and you can read the full explanation.

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                Mario1976 Novice

                Currently we're back at the latest ESXi 5.0 patch and are waiting for progress with our call we have open.


                The latest patch for 5.1 reenables usb host controller passthrough, but it only survives one reboot if you don't reenable the the host Controller for passthrough after each reboot.


                so to be on the safe side I'll also recommend going back to 5.0 until this is sorted out.

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                  stevedparry Lurker

                  Thanks for the reply guys, even though I was hoping for a different answer. I'm assuming 5.0U1 is the last of the working versions?

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                    derickso Enthusiast

                    Im using all of the latest patches for 5.0 and it works fine.

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                      srwsol Enthusiast

                      Hi Mario:


                      Has VMWare given you any indication of whether they are treating this as a bug, or if they deliberately removed the ability?  I thought I read in a post somwhere that they told someone that the ability to pass through a USB device had been deliberately removed, and if the person wanted it back they would have to request it as a "new feature".  I sure hope that isn't true.

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                        kozzy303201110141 Lurker

                        ESXi 5.0 up2 works fine for me.


                        I just did some testing with ESXi 5.1 build 1021289, I found the same issue as the previous posts.


                        Basic steps, tick the device for direct access, reboot, tick the device again after every reboot.


                        Hopefully in the next update they get it right.

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                          Mario1976 Novice

                          Hi srwsol,


                          the last thing was that I uploaded different logfiles (ESXi 5.0-914586, ESXi 5.1-914609 and ESXi 5.1-1021289) and complete guidance for reproduction for the third time to simply prove, that USB Controller Passthrough worked under ESXi 5.0 and doesn't work with ESXi 5.1 on the same hardware (HP DL360 G7).


                          According to the logs of the ESXi 5.1-914609 the BIOS seems to tell ESXi that Interrupt Remapping is disabled, and that was why the USB Hostcontroller wasn't put into Passthrough Mode during reboot. But there's no separate option in this BIOS and VT-d was enabled all the time.


                          Unfortunately since then only silence, no responses to the uploaded logfiles or following questions about the status... Wait since approx. 1 week after the last patch release now...

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                            RickFlowers Lurker

                            This is so bad for VMWare.

                            I have been trying for 2 months to get this resolved and my only option now is to completely refresh and rollback to 5.0 instead of staying on 5.1.


                            Thanks VMWare for breaking something as useful as USB 3.0! /sarcasm

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                              yeehawjared Novice

                              I just applied ESXi510-201303001 and the issue remains.


                              Now the host takes a long time to start up, temporarily hanging on starting the usbarbitrator service.



                              The host does come up eventually, but the DirectPath I/O Configuration still says I need to reboot to take effect.




                              VMware should really try to fix this - it's been about a year now.


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                                Bembel Novice

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                                • 148. Re: Esxi 5.1 pci passthrough broken
                                  yeehawjared Novice


                                  it looks like ESXi510-201303001 may have solved it.  Although I get the reboot warning, I can add a PCI passthrough device on my VMs.

                                  • 149. Re: Esxi 5.1 pci passthrough broken
                                    Mario1976 Novice

                                    Yes that is what was already stated above, that it "some kind of works" with this patch. But you'll have to reenable this USB-Hostcontroller for Passthrough after each reboot.


                                    Not nice from a High-Availability Point of View...


                                    There's still not much progress with our support case. They repeated their findings in the logfiles that they get the info from the BIOS, that Interrupt Remapping is not available, which is why the device is removed upon reboot, recommended updating BIOS or asking the Hardware-Vendor for a new BIOS. I'm on the latest available Firmwares for my Hardware, and since it's all working with ESXi 5.0, I doubt that it's directly related to the Hardware.


                                    Still got no explanation from them why it then works after downgrading back to ESXi 5.0 or why it started working partialy again after this latest ESXi 5.1 patch.

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