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        DallasJeff Novice

        Darius D thinks everything is trivial and that they aren't responsible for or need to fix bugs. I have submitted many issues and nothing seems to be done. It took then almost 6 months to address a major issue. Who knows If they will ever address the "trivial" ones  Darius, it is clear you are not here to help.


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          dariusd Virtuoso
          User ModeratorsVMware Employees

          Hi sncooper,


          Let's start off by figuring out whether it was a change to Fusion or a change to Mac OS that is triggering this.  Could you try downgrading to Fusion 5.0.1 (again!) just to see whether the problem persists?


          Regardless, you should probably start a new forum discussion for your issue instead of piling it onto this massively-overloaded thread.  Make sure you also mention whether you're using your VMs in single-window mode, in unity or in full-screen, and the method you're using to switch between them.





          • 92. Re: 5.0.2 crashing
            sncooper Novice

            Thanks Darius,


            Happy to start another thread of course.


            Is the 5.0.2 VMware crash this thread is about supposed to be resolved by the Apple 10.8.3 update or the 5.0.3 update?


            5.0.2 was a VERY good version for me - very stable, until the Apple Video update.


            I've stopped updating my Mac software unless it is absolutely necessary - I can't afford the downtime.


            Kind Regards,



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              dariusd Virtuoso
              VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

              Hi Simon,


              The Mac OS X 10.8.3 update resolves the 3D graphics crashes in this thread (even though it is not mentioned in its release notes).  The feedback we're hearing for this Mac OS update is overwhelmingly positive.


              The Fusion 5.0.3 update is an incremental update with very few targeted fixes (see its release notes).


              Noting that installation of any update involves an element of risk (and should only be performed with a backup of any critically important data, and not right before any important deadlines!), my recommendation is to install both of these updates as soon as is reasonably convenient.





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                sncooper Novice

                Hi Darius,


                The combination of OSX 10.8.3 and VMware 5.0.3 has not been a success for me.


                VMware is hanging regularly, I got the Mac Beach Ball appear - I was (after 15 minutes) able to get back from Full Screen to Window mode, and found that VMware is "Not Responding" whereas the other app I had open (Mac Mail) was still working OK.


                I was able to grab the Support information using the Help option and will open a ticket.


                I have reveted back to 5.0.1, and so far it has worked troublefree - I'll see how this works out.


                I'll open a new thread.

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                  jeffybud Lurker

                  So it turns out that on Fusion 5.0.3 with OSX 10.8.3, my Java apps still won't run.  The apps run if I uninstall VMWare Tools, but once I reinstall, they won't start.  I receive no errors or event log messages.

                  • 96. Re: 5.0.2 crashing
                    Hot Shot

                    Hi Jeffybud,


                    Please send me a private message with the ticket numbers so I can take a look at the information you provided to the support team.



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