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    Workstation9 & VS2010 log file issue

    ColinBurnell Novice

      This is more of an irritant than a serious problem.


      Just upgraded to Workstion9; but now when I fire up Visual Studio 2010 up I get a message box titled "VMware", with the following error message:

      "An error occurred while trying to access the log file. Logging may not function properly."


      Wondering if anyone else has seen this, or better knows how to fix it?





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          sgcvision Novice

          Yes, I've same issue since installing WS9. Annoyance level finally reached threshold and I found your post


          For me it's related to using jump list to open recent/pinned solutions. I always see the error, and I notice that the "VMware > About VMware Virtual Debugger" dialog shows no log file (empty text box), consistent with the error message.


          To workaround, launch Visual Studio by itself (you can even use the jump list icon). Then open the solution/project from either the File menu or the "Recent" list on Visual Studio's Start Page. No error, and the VMware About dialog now shows a log file located in my AppData folder.


          Imo this is definitely a bug with the VMware virtual debugger - anyone from VMware listening? Hopefully I've provided enough for you to reproduce and understand.


          (btw, that VMware About box indicates that I'm running VMware virtual debugger version 2.1)



          1. Nothing special about jump list, this issue also occurs when double clicking a solution/project file in Windows Explorer

          2. The Annoyance: After double clicking a solution/project file it takes 40+ seconds for VMware to pop-up the error message, during which nothing else is happening. I have a fast machine (Core i7 running on a fancy new SSD) and 40+ seconds is an eternity for such a silly error. Please fix soon

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            ColinBurnell Novice

            Your right it only happens with pinned projects. I am on virtual debugger version 2.1 as well.



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              stidhat Novice

              My experience with this issue is a little different, I only get the error when launching visual studio as a non-administrator. I will launch VS as an administrator when working on an IIS website, the error does not come up then. Looking at the about box shows the location of the log file, when I open up that location the directory shows with a padlock on it (see http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-files/what-are-the-padlock-icons-on-folders-for/e4b100a7-f65d-49c6-8555-6df40d35676a about this issue).


              Getting rid of the error turned out to be pretty easy. First quit all instances of Visual Studio, then go to the directory identifed in the "VMware/About VMware Virtual Debugger" box (when the error did not show up), the directory was in my temp directory C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp, with the name vmware-<username> and simply delete that folder (actually not a bad idea to clear out everything you can, it is supposed to be temp after all).  Next time I launched VS no errors.


              Hope this helps!

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                ColinBurnell Novice

                Thank you stidhat, works a treat.


                The only oddity was that in order to see the directory, I had to start VS from the start menu, when I started VS by double clicking on a solution file the Debugger log file text box was empty.

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                  ronbrownjr Lurker

                  I launched VS2010 as an admin, brought up the about box, found the log file location, and killed its parent directory.  Launched VS2010 again, this time as a non-admin, and no annoying error box.


                  Worked great, thanks for this solution, stidhat!

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                    EduardoLopez Lurker

                    I had the same problem with VS2012, deleted the temp dir, no more annoying messages and no need to run as VS an admin. Thank you !