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    VMWare LAB

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      I have a simple question that I did not know where to post.  Does VMWare offer anything like Microsoft's technet?  I would like to keep up to date on the technoligies VMWare offers even if my current position is not using them.  I would be willing to pay a fee to get full featured software but for the general purpose of just a lab.  The item I most interested in is VDI.  Microsoft makes it very easy to get experience using their software with the Technet License and would hope VMWare would have something of the same.



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          Not sure if you are looking for VMware Hands On Lab



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            In its earlier incarnation VMTN was very similar to TechNet - you paid a fee and got access to licenses - but VMware changed that 6-7 years ago and its is now in its current incarnation working more as of a user based tech support community. I believe this was changed because all of VMware producst come with a 60 evaluation license -

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              Thanks for the info and as I was researching it further, I found out about the old VMTN.  I really wish they would bring that back.  Working with the trial version is defenitily not ideal.  Personally, I think having "tech/professional" subscription is a great idea and would only help VMWare spread the product.

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                The VMTN subscription was great.  For $299 a year you got to use almost all products in a lab environment. The problem I always have with evaluations is having time to do the eval.  It amy be a couple days here and there.  Specifically with Vmware back in 2004, we were evaluating ESX.  That worked out well so we decided to evaluate Virtual Center .... but then, the 60 day on ESX would expire.  Then we'd try something else and the VC trial would expire.  The VMTN subscription was a way for us to get comfortable with the product.  We were able to start virtualizing years sooner than we would have without the VMTN. Now, we have 60+ hosts 700+ VMs.