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    Mouse running very slowly in Hexxeh Chromium Build

    markw10 Novice

      I got the latest Chromium Hexxeh Vanilla build and am using the VMWare fusion and just started using it on VMWare Fusion. I have many Linux distributions and Windows XP, 7, and 8 and with all of them my mouse moves at a decent speed, very similar to how it moves on the Mac.  Unfortunately only Chromium it moves VERY slowly.  One move across the mousepad moved it a short distance and I have to use the whole mousepad several times to move even halfway across the screen.  It makes it almost unusuable.  What I'd like to know is how can I adjust this? I checked VMWare Fusion's settings and it doesn't seem to have one for mouse speed and the problem may be in the Chromium build.  It was in the middle so I moved it to the fastest setting but it changed it very little if any. 

      Is there a possibilty I didn't install it correctly?  To install it I downloaded the files (the .vmdk and .vmx files) and moved them to my VMWare folder where my VM's are and then simply clicked on the .vmx to open it.  It created far more files in my folder where other distributions of linux or windows does not.  They only have one file.  Is it possible I did something wrong?  Is there another way I install or boot up the Chromium build?

      Thank you for your help.

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          Could you please upgrade you Fusion to latest 5.0.3 if your are running Fusion 5.0.2.

          I believe this issue is gone with 5.0.3

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            smithbill Lurker

            I have exactly the same issue using the latest Hexxeh build (Build 4028, built on 20th April 2013) running as a VM under ESXi 5.0 (HP ESXi 5.0.2 on an HP ProLiant DL 360 G5).


            It all works fine (after inserting the ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000" into the .vmx file) but the mouse is painfully slow to move (even with the Chrome setting set to maximum) and sometimes the mouse pointer vanishes and becomes a bit flickery (doesn't seem to know if its inside the Virtual Console or outside).


            Are there any tweaks which can be applied in the .vmx file to improve mouse performance as its the only thing i've found so far detracting from the Chrome OS experience in a VMWare virtual machine.


            I don't use Fusion at all.



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              lidra Lurker

              Hi, I have the same issue with mouse speed on VMware Fusion Chrome OS (Hexxeh Chromium Build Build 4028).

              I have VMware Fusion 6.0.3 (latest at date of post). I dont believe the issue is with VMware, but if anyone finds a way to solve / tweak the configuration that would be lovely.