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    VDP won't start

    kopper27 Expert

      hi guys


      my VDP latest version is up well looks like up but  when I try to connect from Web vSphere I get this error.


      The SSO server could not be found.  Please make sure your SSO configuration on the appliance is correct.



      My question, I changed the DNS the day before since our DNS chancged from xxxx.local to yyyyy.local.


      Second when I get into the VDP configuration page some services are down




      any idea how to fix this?


      thanks a lot

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          snekkalapudi Expert
          VMware Employees

          VDP after a fresh deployment should have all services up & running (expect maintenance services which will be started automatically after 24 hrs),

          Try starting the required services manually and try connecting.

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            kopper27 Expert

            no this thing was working already, I just changed the DNS settings and the thing won't work anymore

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              kopper27 Expert

              in fact one interesting thing is


              I did change the DNS parameters but every time I check the VDP config page the old DNS settings for vCenter and SSO are the old ones...I think this is causing the issue



              is the a way to register my VDP to my vCenter or change de DNS settings and reboot services?



              something else every time I run dpnclt start gsan it aks me to go to rollback point which I already did and same thing services won't start


              does it mean there's nothing to do?




              If I reinstall my VDP my backup data will be gone right?


              thanks a lot