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    ghettoVCBg2 or ghettoVCB?

    posterday Lurker

      I haven't seen much activity regarding ghettoVCBg2 vs ghettoVCB.


      Is ghettoVCBg2 viable?  We have a VMware Essentials license and are looking for an inexpensive way to backup our VMs.  (Currently still using 4.1, but have the 5 upgrade.)


      I've played around with Trilead and others but seem to get the same performance from most things I've tried, including ghettoVCB.


      Seems that ghettoVCBg2 still works for ESXi 4.1 - 5.1.  Are there any benifits to using it?


      Our backup storage will most likely just be an old 2 CPU Dell with a gigabit connection using NFS or iSCSI on OpenFiler/FreeNAS or Windows with Starwind's iSCSI target.  (Strange thing: ghettoVCB is slower backing up to a second local storage drive than via the network.)


      May have a limited budget for hardware/software.




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          chrwei Enthusiast

          because ghettoVCB.sh runs in the service console, and because the service console is resource throttled, your file copy speeds will be limited.


          ghettoVCBg2 runs in a VMa vm and so is not subject to the resource throttling.  It does have a limitation of only being ale to backup to datastores (local, nfs, or iscsi) and no direct compressions options since it uses the API's instead of console commands.  However, this means the hypervisor itself is doing the copies and you'll see whatever speeds your network and storage are capable of. 

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            Mezlo Novice

            ghettoVCBg2 is also great if you have multiple ESXi hosts and shared storage. Since ghettoVCB runs directly on the service console, it can only backup VMs which reside on that particular host. Also, you will need to install and manage ghettoVCB independantly for each ESXi host.


            ghettoVCBg2, on the other hand, runs under vMA and will locate the specified VMs regardless of which hosts they currently reside on. This allows you to manage all of your backup jobs from one location.

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              ralf-999 Novice

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                ChrisHaag Novice

                ghettoVCBg2 is my choice because of:


                a) better performance, see posting above

                b) more flexible image files, they do not require restore tool, but built in vmkfstools can be used


                This convinced me to buy the ESXi essentials license (which was not required in the past, now it is)



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                  posterday Lurker

                  Thanks for the reply!  I've been delayed a bit in getting ghettoVCBg2 setup, but hope to get it up and running to test next week.


                  I hadn't seen any updates to it, so I wasn't sure if it was still working for ESXi 5.

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                    ChrisHaag Novice

                    It works perfecty (fast and reliably) under 5 and 5.1. We've been using it for years, never an issue.


                    You have to patch the ghettoVCBg2.pl for the version check. Simple command in vi and it's done within a minute.



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                      posterday Lurker

                      Awesome!  Thanks for the input.