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    Configuring HP iLO via Service Console?

    rocker77 Hot Shot





      I would need configure iLO via SC. I find solution based on hponcfg.



      I download hponcfg-1.7.0-2.noarch.rpm. When I try instal RPM I get message "hp-ilo is needed by hponcfg-1.7.0-2"??



      I have install hpmgmt-7.9.1-vmware3x.tgz before. Where can I download package, which contain hp-ilo component? 



      I can use iLO via IE without problems.



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          Jae Ellers Master


          It might need the 8.0.0 agents.



          However, you can use the hponcfg-1.6.0-1.linux.rpm instead.











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            jasonboche Champion

            I don't understand your objective.


            The HP iLO is an out of band management processor for the HP server hardware which the OS will be oblivious to. 


            All configuration of the iLO is done either through the iLO IP address over the network, or by hitting [i]Jason Boche[/i]

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              java_cat33 Master


              As Jason mentioned - HP iLO is a server component (has nothing to do with VMware). You can logon to the service console via HP iLO.....



              Do you have an iLO port physically on the back of your server?



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                RobBuxton Hot Shot





                That's not necessarily correct. I'm not sure abut the Linux variant, but using the Windows hponcfg tool you can configure the ILO from the OS on the host server. The Linux variant should be able to d the same thing. It doesn't need the HP Agents as far as I'm aware, it's a standalone utility. It ues XML scripts to configure the ILO.



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                  lamw Guru
                  VMware EmployeesCommunity Warriors

                  I know you can upgrade your iLO via commandline with some scripts provided by HP, but if you want to configure it for the first time, I have to agree, you need to do it on bootup as one of the poster said earlier. F8 and go in and specify the network configuration. From the commandline you can do multiple set of things like upgrade your firmware or iLo firmware

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                    stumpr Master

                    Actually, most of the vendors have bare-metal configuration tools.  The general idea is you PXE boot into a "setup environment" (WinPE or a min. Linux environment).  And then they provide BIOS, array configuration and iLo/Drac configuration tools that are scriptable.  The iLO/DRAC configuration tools can be used while the OS is active.


                    I just built an environment that does a PXE boot up, updates firmware, sets bios configuration, creates the local virtual disk array and then configures the DRAC (service tag key to IP address).  Pretty slick and let's more junior members rebuild or deploy new hosts with minimal risk of misconfiguration.  Of course, this also ties into a network install of ESX.


                    I can also think of scenarios where being able to script into the iLO after OS installation would be useful (automated IP change over, authentication rollout across your HP iLO systems, etc).


                    Take a look at this document.  http://bizsupport.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00679481/c00679481.pdf  There may be a more recent one, but I'm not currently in an HP environment so I didn't go on a full search at HP.


                    As for the original question about the missing dependency, not sure.  You should double check the download section at HP for your model and get the Linux agent packages.  You may be missing the iLO driver package that the utility requires to modify the iLO configuration.

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                      stumpr Master



                      Take a look at this link.  HP ProLiant Channel Interface Device Driver for iLO / iLO 2 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (x86)


                      I found it in the drivers download section.  I just went to the firmware link for the iLO, selected a RHEL version and then looked at the downloads.  The file name of the channel driver matches your RPM dependency error.


                      I also found the HPONCFG RPM version you posted, so good bet this is the RPM dependency you require to complete the installation.


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                        rocker77 Hot Shot


                        I know, that I can configure iLO by F8, but I would need configure iLO remotely in our DR location. I can do this by hponcfg. It works in Windows corretly, but I have problems with instalation in ESX server.



                        Stumpr: I test it and write down result.






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                          jasonboche Champion

                          Be sure to share your information here with the rest so all can benefit from what you have learned.


                          Also, if there is a next time, configure your iLO before completing the server deployment to the remote site.  Much easier and you won't have to taint your COS build with added drivers or software.




                          [i]Jason Boche[/i]

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                            Schorschi Expert

                            All you need is hponcfg tool.  On the HP website are some excellent examples of the XML templates you should use with hponcfg.

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                              vmthunder Enthusiast

                              This is what I ended up having to do to get it working.  I have/had 7.91 agents installed on ESX 3.5.


                              1.  Download HP Management Agents 8.0.x or higher for Linux (hpmgmt-8.0.0a-vmware3x.tgz at the time of writing)

                              2.  Uninstall current agents --> ./installvm_version.sh -uninstall

                              3.  Install new agents -->  ./installvm_version.sh -install

                              4.  Download hponcfg utility (hponcfg-1.7.0-2.noarch.rpm at the time of writing) and install--> rpm -ivh hponcfg-1.7.0-2.noarch.rpm

                              5.  You may need the hp-ilo channel driver. If so, download here and install (8.0.0-144.rhel4 at the time of writing). Install --> rpm -ivh hp-ilo-.rpm

                              6.  The hponcfg utility will be installed in the /sbin directory

                              7.  Run your scripts to config iLO:  Ex.  hponcfg -f add_user.xml


                              I actually tried step 5 on the 7.91 agents, and there were a bunch of dependencies needed, so I just upgraded to 8.0

                              That worked for me - but no guarentees!

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                                justingrote Novice


                                Found this thread in a google and found it helpful, thought I'd pass some additoinal info along:



                                The channel stuff mentioned above conflicts with HPRSM. No problem though, because you can just install hponcfg like this:



                                rpm -ivh --nodeps hponcfg-1.7.0-2.noarch.rpm



                                And it will ignore the dependency checking. hponcfg just installs the single binary, and it works just fine with those APIs. That's all I had to do to get my tool working and set up iLO on a server 100 miles away



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                                  Schorschi Expert


                                  Download the XMLs for ILO configuration form HP as well, we actually setup a HTTP application that generates the XMLs to setup the ILOs and then download the XMLs to the hosts and trigger XML based configuration.  Works well.  We did this first with Windows, then moved to ESX and Linux comparable methods.  Oh, did the same basic idea with Dell RAC and IBM RSA, but each vendors tools has its own quirks.  The best the bunch is HP tool, too bad it only works with ILOs.  LOL



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                                    DaveCarter Lurker

                                    I installed the HP version of ESXi, and then used this guide: http://www.vuemuer.it/en/?p=3666