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        John Balsillie Hot Shot

        Hi Gary,


        I finally got Simple Install to work, but I must admit I did revert back to square one and start over again.


        I'm using W2K8 R2, a VM running on Wrkstn 8, no ad, dns uninstalled, static ip and no dns server specified. Firewall off and UAC totally off. First attempt at simple install failed, then uninstalled it vi Control Panel, but didn't uninstall SQL Express. Retried simple install and then it worked.


        Also, regarding the component install, as previously reported I now have vC starting as per your instructions but find that it won't always start after a reboot or even the first attempt to manually start it after a reboot. It will start though after 2 or 3 manual attempts.


        This has taken up too much time and although I can now get both simple install to work, and get vC to start after a component install and a reboot, I don't trust it. It's too unreliable and who knows what effect this might have on subsequent use or installation of other products, eg. SRM which is where I'm headed next.


        So I think I'll continue my building using separate vm's, one for SSO+DNS and a second for vC+SRM.


        Good luck all. A rocky and time consuming journey.

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          doubleH Expert

          Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office and will return Nov 26.


          For support related issues please contact the IT Service Desk servicedesk@camhydro.com or x2700.


          Thank you


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            rsingler Enthusiast

            Here is the KB article with the real fix:  Link

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              Shan Virtual Novice

              try this


              SQL Express  which default uses dynamic ports. When the vCenter server reboots the  SQL port change. SSO should see this port change and reconfigure to use  this port to connect to the database, but it don't.


              To verify if you are affected:

              Is SSO listing on port TCP/7444 - it should be:

              netstat -a | find "7444"


              See the SQL TCP/IP connection setting. Check the port under IP ALL dynamic ports (should be something like 49XXX).


              Check the SSO connection properties:

              C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\SSOServer\webapps\lookupservice\WEB-INF\classes\config.properties

              If the ports dont match you may be affected...



              1) Stop SSO service


              2) Change TCP dynamic port to static:

              In Sql Server Configuration Manager > TCP/IP > IP ALL > remove port in Dynamic Ports and type 1433 in TCP port.

              Restart the SQL express service.


              2) Navigate to C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\SSOServer\utils

              ssocli configure-riat -a configure-db --database-host hostname_of_vcenter --database-port 1433 -m SSO_Admin_Password


              3) Edit the following text file to replace the port number with the new value in the line that begins with db.url=:

              C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\SSOServer\webapps\lookupservice\WEB-INF\classes\config.properties


              Reboot the server and see that vCenter service starts


              netstat -a | find "7444"

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                maxxam204 Lurker



                I finally joined this forum and wanted to reply to Gary's post.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Following your post about altering the startup order of the services solved my problem!


                Yesterday I completed my lab setup of upgrading vcenter 5.0 to vcenter 5.1, thought i had it successfully complete, then rebooted and BAM, not able to login to vCenter and SSO was reporting that it could no longer connect to my 1 vCenter instance.  But how, why???  This all worked before I rebooted!!!


                In my own testing I then uninstalled just vCenter server and then reinstalled, VOILA, vCenter is working again, then rebooted and BAM, same problem, vCenter could not be logged into.  I uninstalled and reinstall vCenter again, working fine again, rebooted, gone, not working.


                Then I found Gary's post and followed it.  Without uninstalling this time, i simply changed the order that the service start in, as Gary mentioned, then rebooted my vCenter server and HOORAY, vCenter and SSO work like a charm.  The only problem I had after this was the Update Manager stopped working, I could not enable this pluggin without error in the vSphere client.  I then uninstalled Update Manger, reinstalled Update Manger, fired up the vSphere client, connected to vCenter and the Update Manager worked properly, it was now enabled without error.


                About my lab environment..


                - I upgraded a 2008R2 server that had vCenter 5.0 on it.

                - My SQL databases for vCenter, SSO and Update Manager are on a standalone 2008 R2, SQL 2008 standard server.

                - I am using Active Directory (so I believe this problem affects more than just non AD users)

                - My lab has a primary and secondary Domain Controllers

                - DNS is configured properly forward and reverse

                - i did not perfom a Simple Install of 5.1, i installed SSO, Inventory Service, vCenter Server, vSphere Client and then Update Manager, in that order.


                If I were to comment on this upgrade in general, i must say it has been quite clunky.  I have had to fight with this upgrade every step of the way.  Changing the start order of services???? That's not a problem I would expect from VMWARE. Considering all my previous upgrades were a piece of cake.   I'm very hesitant to put this upgrade into our produciton enviroment.  The only thing driving me to do this is the fact that vShield is now included without an addtional license cost.  If vshield wasn't motivating me to make this upgrade then I would likely pass for now, until a new upgrade came out with a standard best practise for install.


                Thanks again,



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                  maxxam204 Lurker

                  I may have spoke too soon regarding Update Manager.  After a reboot of my vCenter server, now my Update Manager plugin is failing to load.  After some testing it looks like Update Manger is failing for the same reason vCenter Service was failing.  I have now set the Vmware Update Manager service from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed Start) and then rebooted.  After the reboot my Update Manager service is now starting and the plugin is enabled without error. Phew.

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