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      Just wanted to check what the status of vprobes is. I think it might be useful to me, but I see there haven't been any updates in 8 months, and I don't want to learn it if there's something else I should be learning, or if it's going to go away. I also saw reference to it in ESXi 5.1 but there's no documentation referring to compatibility with that. So should I learn this for my ESXi box?




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          I apologize that we hadn't replied to your question. The good news is that we've been hard at work making vprobes better. So no, it's not going away. We plan to roll out a lot more information about vprobes shortly. In the meantime, feel free to email me directly (ricardog@) and I can provide more details.


          And, just briefly, if you have WS 9 or Fusion 5, you no longer need the vprobes toolkit.  The vprobes CLI and the Emmett compiler are not part of the standard installation. We need to update the README.