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    VM disconnected after host failed - How to manually reconnect?

    davecon Novice



      During some planned downtime today, i came across an issue which may cause problems in the future - so i am just looking for any insight...


      We have 6 Esx hosts running Win2k3 vm's. All VM's reside on SAN storage. HA/DRS is in use and working fine.

      Basically we were going through each host and shutting down VM's, then putting each host in to Maintenance mode. Each host was then restarted.

      One of the host servers had a 'pink screen of death' on reboot. Since this host did not come back up, its VM shows as disconnected in Virtual Center. Luckily this host came back up after a second reboot, and its VM was able to power on. During the 'pink screen'/failed host I was unable to migrate or disconnect the VM and reconnect it on another host.

      As the host was in maintenance mode, HA obviously wasnt able to migrate the vm to a working host.

      My question is - If the failed host had not come back up after a second reboot, how would i manually disconnect the VM and power it up on a working ESX host? I know this can be done using cmd line, but not sure of the proccess. I cannot really play with it as its a 24/7 production system.

      Obviously, i still have to find out why my server 'pink screened' but thats another days work!

      thanks in advance for any replies.