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    Latest Fusion and Windows 8 Pro with Office 2013

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      Been a longtime since I have posted but that is mainly due to being super busy with work so not all bad. The end of last year I took the step and bought a new 15" MBP (Retina) and installed as you do Fusion and a new shinny Windows 8 VM running Office 2013 and everything seemed fine. That was until I started to really bad gfx issues.


      How the VM is running


      • Running the VM with the retina setting on for the VM
      • VM has 2 vCPU (tried 1) and 4GB ram


      Issues being seen


      • GFX start to bounce
      • Tombstone kind of issues
      • Minimise and restore issues is cleared
      • I have tried running in Window and fullscree but get the gfx issues in any setup


      This is very annoying and I like to think I can find my own solutionings but apart from going back to Windows 7 and Office 2010 I'm at a loss now.


      Please help