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    Remediate VM through update manager on reboot

    ChPrakash Lurker



      We are performing windows server patching and would  like to upgrade vm tools and hardware during the maintenance window when  we reboot the servers. I have created a baseline group with tools and  vm hardware update baselines. I've written a quick powershell script  which collects the intial details for the VM and remeidiates the VMs  against the baselines and get the final status of the VM. However this  script as to be run explicitly after server patching from a vCenter  server or some machine where the vmware update manager snapin is  installed. Given that each server is patch at different timelines we  have to run the script for each server after patching. I would to find a  way to automatically initiate the remediation of the VM on reboot so  that whenever the server is patched and rebooted, vm remidiation is  initiated and administrator need to run the script and wait for the vm  to remidiate and get the final status.


      I know that this is posible for vmtools. We can enable  'check and upgrade tools during power cycling' option for VM and upgrade tools on reboot but do we have something similar for hardware upgrade or to remidiate the vm on reboot?