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    Creating a Windows 7 VM from a Physical Partition

    dsilver829 Novice



      I have a workstation with Ubuntu and Windows 7 set up in dual-boot mode. I have recently installed VMware Workstation on the Ubuntu host and I would like to use the existing, physical Windows 7 installation as the VM.


      This would allow me to use all my Windows applications and also give me the flexibility to run Windows on bare metal if I want, while still allowing the convenience of running Windows as a VM within Linux.


      VMware published a guide to this, but it doesn't go past Windows Vista:




      I've seen a couple of posts in the communities on this, but all dated from a few years ago. They seem to imply that doing this with Windows 7 is hard or maybe impossible.


      My attempts have so far been unsuccessful. The VM shuts down almost immediately after booting.


      Any idea on whether this is possible, how to do it, or how to debug my broken VM?