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    Workarounds for limitations of shared vm's

    jgaver Lurker

      I have a VM I need to use all the time, at home or on the go. So I think share the VM from my laptop. This gives me access the way i want. The problem is when it comes to using it as a normal VM. I want to be able to copy paste and move files in and out of it like a normal VM would. I know I could copy files to a drive and then acccess the shared network drive, but my VM has to run a VPN client that disables the local LAN access. So I have to disconnect from the VPN, copy my files, then reconnect to the vpn. If I didn't need to share this it all works wonderfully, but as soon as it's shared all those nice little features go away. Does anyone know anyway around this? A shortcut or fix to re-enable these features? I am using VM Workstation 9.