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    EDA deployment not going well.

    HerwinGGZ Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm new to EDA and run into some problems.


      We have 20 HP dl460c G7 blades wich have to be installed with esxi 5.0


      When I use the vmware iso, the install goes really well. except.. I don't have any HBA's. the HBA's are emulex type. (Flexfabric)


      When I use the iso from HP the install goes wrong when copying files. error that pops up:


      tardisks/ima-be2i.v00 not found.


      When I download the drivers from VMware, and use image builder to add the right drivers into the vmware zip, and create a custom iso,  then the install also goes wrong with the same message..


      So in short terms, the HBA drivers are killing my install, and when They don't get installed I get no SAN..


      I read something about that EDA strips out HBA drivers during install but I do not have a good manuall..



      Can someone please give me some advice?