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    Slow 2D Graphics in Windows 8 with Workstation 9

    Traidor Lurker

      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem with my Windows 8 guest operating system.


      I'm using Windows 7 64bit on the host with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti. The latest drivers are installed (310.70).


      When I'm working with software in the VM, like Visual Studio 2012, Word 2013 or something else, I notice many graphic lags. The window isn't rendered correctly and not as fast as it should. If I move the cursor in Visual Studio 2012 one line down, the previous line is still highlighted. It's like a remote session with a slow connection.


      Is there a solution for this problem. This is so annoying, that I cannot work properly in the vm.


      I already increased the vmram through this line in the vmx-file:


      svga.vramSize = "83886080"


      But it hadn't solved the problem.


      I hope someone has a solution.