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    Volunteers needed: 2012 Mac users affected by 10.8.2 update issue

    Hot Shot

      We're looking for help from a few forum users that are affected by the 10.8.2 update issue. This issue causes the virtual machine to crash when using certain Windows applications that make use of 3D. This issue we're working on is only found on certain models of 2012 Mac, notably the 15" Mac Book Pro. Older Macs are not affected.


      We're looking in to workarounds for the underlying issue and will shortly have a experimental software build containing those workarounds. If you've previously participated in a VMware Fusion beta program and are prepared to provide feedback on this build, please drop me a Private Message with the following information:


      Your Mac model identifer: i.e. MacBookProxx,x

      Your Mac kernel: i.e. Build 12Cxxx


      There will be a short delay before the build is ready, if you don't hear back immediately we're still working on it.


      Thanks in advance,



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