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    Any easy way to go ESX 4.0 to ESXi 5.1?

    taylorb Expert

      I have a remote site with a single ESX 4.0 host.  I need to update it to ESXi 5.1.   I guess I can't do an in place upgrade since it's ESX to ESXi.  VMs are all on an ISCSI storage device and managed by a Vcenter box.  I have nothing to Vmotion to to make this easier.


      I'm thinking I need to something like this:



      -shutdown all Vms.

      -Remove host from Vcenter inventory

      -Disconnect storage device

      -Have someone at remote site put ESX i 5.1 CD in server

      -Boot server and do clean install

      -Reconfigure as new box

      -Set up Vswitches as they were on old box

      -Connect up to storage device

      -manually import all VMs


      Any easier ways you can think of?


      Maybe I should send down a crappy box with a trial of ESXi 5 on there to vmotion to just long enough to do the install?