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    How to free up space on VDP?

    racom Enthusiast

      Used capacity on VDP we use exceeded 80%. I've rapidly changed retention policy but no backups (restore points) were removed automatically. I've deleted manually some whole backups and many of "restore points" but used capacity is still increasing? I'd supposed new backups to use space from deleted ones first. How can I prevent VDP to stop starting backup jobs if used capacity exceeds 95% (see http://www.vmware.com/support/vdr/doc/vdp_510_releasenotes.html)?


      Loging to VPD I can see discs aren't occupied so much:


      /dev/sdb1             256G  151G  106G  59% /data01
      /dev/sdc1             256G  148G  109G  58% /data02
      /dev/sdd1             256G  148G  109G  58% /data03


      Why is used capacity of VDP 87.23% in the same moment?