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    vCops 5.6 groups search criteria:  Descendant of vs Child of?  + Nested Groups...

    MattG Master

      What is the difference between Ascendant of and Parent of / Descendant of and Child of?


      Also if I nest a group is there a way to add the child groups children to the parent group?


      For example:

      • Parent Group:  Rack1
      • Child Group:  BladeChassis1


      I can create a Search Criteria rule on Rack1 group that will add the children of BladeChassis1 to Rack1 as well.  This enables additional host level metrics at the Rack1 level.   I would like to go a step further and add the VM of the hosts in the BladeChassis1 to Rack1 as well.  This would enable the additional VM metrics to be viewed at the Rack1 level.   I know I can manually add the VMs,  but this wont work as the VMs can migrate between hosts.


      Worst case I would create Super Metrics.   It just pains me to create Super Metrics if the summary data is available in the default UI.