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    Is it supported to enable HV on production kit?

    AcesHigh84 Novice



      I'm just after a bit of clarification on the subject.


      I know that KB 2009916 states that "VMware cannot currently assure production-grade reliability of a nested deployment and does not support this configuration".


      The way I read the above KB is that VMware won't support running a nested ESXi installation as a production environment - i.e. physical ESXi host > nested ESXi VM > Inner guest serving Exchange to production.


      Would the following be supported though? Physical ESXi host > running production VMs & also nested ESXi VMs (on standalone network) > Inner guests for testing.


      I would not expect any support for the nested ESXi element (used for test/dev only), but if the physical ESXi host or any of my production VMs had problems, I would expect support via the support package I have paid for.


      Can anyone from VMware advise on whether this scenario is suported?