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    Storage Profiles

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      I am doing some testing with powercli and vCloud director.


      PowerCLI C:\> $storage = Get-OrgVdc -name Orgvdc

      PowerCLI C:\> $storage.StorageLimitGB




      200 is actually the combined storage from 2 storage profiles.

      Is there any way to get the output from what storage profile the disk is from?








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          jake.robinson.bl Hot Shot

          Hi Niclas,


          I put some code together to get the info you want:



          # This function does a HTTP GET against the vCloud 5.1 API using our current API session.

          # It accepts any vCloud HREF.

          function Get-vCloud51($href)


              $request = [System.Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create($href)

              $request.Accept = "application/*+xml;version=5.1"


              $response = $request.GetResponse()

              $streamReader = new-object System.IO.StreamReader($response.getResponseStream())

              [xml]$xmldata = $streamreader.ReadToEnd()



              return $xmldata



          # The following gets an OrgVdc via 1.5 API, then 5.1 API.

          # It then gets the storage profiles associated with the OrgVdc

          # and displays them on the screen


          $orgVdc = Get-OrgVdc "MyOrgVDC" # Change this to the OrgVdc you want

          $orgVdc51 = Get-vCloud51 $orgVdc.Href

          $storageLimits = @()


          foreach ($storageProfile in $orgVdc51.adminvdc.VdcStorageProfiles.VdcStorageProfile)


              $storageProfile51 = Get-vCloud51 $storageprofile.href

              $storageLimits += $storageProfile51.adminVdcStorageProfile | select name, Limit