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    VMWare Workstation 8 Unrecoverable error mksWin32DnDProxy.c:199

    ken2johnson Lurker

      We are using a licensed copy of VMWare Workstation 8. We just updated to the latest free update 8.0.5 build-893925. We are now getting occasional crashes of the virtual machine. The host is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. The VM is XP Pro with Service Pack 3. After the update we also installed the latest VMWAre tools for XP. We use primarily one application in Unity mode. It's a CAD application for manufacturing. Associated with it is a USB security dongle. Everything is working as it did before except for the crashes. I've attached the support logs for analysis. For reference, I also saw a related article for VMWare Player that seems to be the same exact error: http://communities.vmware.com/message/2151011#2151011. I also found an older report of the same error here: http://communities.vmware.com/thread/408034.


      If there is no fix for this is it possible to go back to the previous release that didn't crash?


      Any help is appreciated since our support contract has expired.