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    Hyper-V (2008 or 2012) in VC 5.1 - please HELP!!

    Mikeyboy01443 Lurker

      Hello everyone...


      I hope you can help, never had such a problem getting something working in vmware as this...


      I have 2x Dell Poweredge 1950 II servers, with Intel Xeon 5150 processors in. I previously had ESXi 5.0 installed, and one of my VMs was Server 2008 with Hyper-V installed, and I had created and powered on a 32-bit windows xp vm in the hyper-v vm. Now I guess I just hadn't bothered looking at it after all the hassle with updating to 5.1, but powered it on the other night, and tried to power on the vm in hyper-v, and it wouldnt start, giving me an error saying hypervisor not running or something.

      So started researching about this function in 5.1, and started fiddling around, unfortunately no joy. Many posts I found were relating to Hyper-V 2012, so installed a VM of hyper-v 2012, which went fine, created a VM in hyper-v and once again it wont turn on, saying hypervisor not running. So basically, I just really want to get this working again, as it was working before 5.1, and now it isnt working! I am aware of the requirement for EPT to run nested 64-bit VMs, but as I am just trying to run 32-bit, then presumably there should be no issue with this... A brief outline of steps so far:


      Server 2008 hypervisor not running, researched.

      found out vhv.allow (on host) is now vhv.enable (on VM) but changed the entry on the host config file anyway - once I did this, I just got warning about not supporting intel vt-x, do I want to continue

      also updated hardware version to 9

      removed vhv.enable line from host, added to vmx file, still not working (i think the vm actually refused to power on)

      Created 2012 hyperv VM in vsphere client

      Updated hw version to 9

      changed os to winhyperv

      added the featMask.vm.hv.capable = "Min:1" line

      still unable to power on a vm in hyper v

      added vhv.enable line as well i think, think it didnt power on after this

      also looked at the expose nx flag section and added the appropriate line I had set previously on the 2008 hyper v VM

      nothing powering on or working


      I think this should work... I don't care about running 64-bit nested VMs, I just want to be able to run vms in hyper v like I could before!


      Really would appreciate any help... will attach any files required to help diagnose problem...