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    2 factor authentication with Quest Defender

    IMCB Lurker

      I am new to this vmware so I hope this is the right spot to post this question. We are juist implementing VDI using vmware view 5.1 and would like ot use our Quest Defender application with it. We currently use VPN and Quest just fine. I do have the VDI working externally but can't seem to get the 2 factor working. I have made the changes to the connect server in the administrator and set for 2 factor auth but when I test it. I get the challenge response it just comes back and asks for a response again. If I put in the wrong response it does say access denied but if I put in the correct response it just prompts for a response again. I can not get past that window.


      Also,  I am getting a security cert warning. I am trying to use a wildcard cert we have but the client continues to try and use the initial server cert and no tthe external one. I can't seem to change what cert it tries to use. I have made the adjustments to the  system variables and even changed the friendly name to vdm.  Any help on either of these issues would be appreciated.