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    virtual network editor disapeared?

    hixxxxx Lurker








      just installed vmplayer 3.1. Npow I would like to connect from the host to the guest, e.g. by ssh or http. I know, I have to configure portforwarding with Virtual Network Editor. But where did this tool go? I can't find it nowhere in the player install folder



      Does anybody know if it can be installed seperatly from somewhere?












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          continuum Guru
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          So this bug is still not fixed ?


          The new installer  of VMplayer 3 has this bug since the earliest Betas ...


          You must run the setup again - this time with the extract option - then search the extracted files for a network.cab - extract this and you find the tool vmnetcfg.exe


          VMware-player-3.0.0-203739.exe /e .\vmplayer

          that command worked for version 3.0 - replace with current buildnumber



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            rexxman Novice


            The Virtual Network configuration tool is also missing from VMWare Player 3.1 for Linux. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be included in the installation package; at least I can't find it.



            Anyway I've found a way to get vmnetcfg  for Player on Linux (its not pretty).



            Before installing Player, download Workstation 7 for the same platform. If you have already installed Player you need to uninstall it.



            Install Workstation.



            Make a suitable directory structure in ~/tmp:



            mkdir -p ~/tmp/usr/bin



            mkdir -p ~/tmp/usr/lib/vmware/bin



            cp /usr/bin/vmware-netcfg ~/tmp/usr/bin



            cp /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-netcfg ~/tmp/usr/lib/vmware/bin



            cd ~/tmp/



            zip -r ./netcfg.zip *



            Uninstall Workstation: sudo vmware-install -u vmware-workstation



            Install Player



            Then "install" vmnetcfg:



            cd /



            sudo unzip ~/tmp/netcfg.zip



            You can now run /usr/bin/vmware-netcfg to reconfigure yourvirtual network for Player.



            If you want to set up a desktop or menu launcher then the vmware-netcfg icon IS installed with VMWare Player (clever hey?  install the application icon but not the application).  Its at /usr/lib/vmware/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/vmware-netcfg.png



            I'd like to be able to make the extracted binaries for vmware-netcfg available for download but I would assume that would be illegal, so you have to go through the ridiculous steps above.



            Hope this helps someone.






            Cheers, Mark



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              milliganp Lurker

              rexxman -I've tried your solution and it works!


              Thank you!










              PS: I installed Ubuntu and VMware workstation in a VMware player VM! -just in case i need anything else.

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                dk2010 Novice

                Hi, Mark:


                I am in a situation of using WindowsXP as the host, is there similar tool I can use to

                configure network card for VMplayer from Windows host? What directory structure I should create to install mentioned vmnetcfg tool for vmplayer?














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                  continuum Guru
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                  I would suggest to uninstall VMplayer and instead install Workstation without licence.


                  That gives you the features you would get with a VMplayer without all the bugs.


                  The correct answer to your question is

                  run the setup again with the option /e .\temp


                  then look for a network.cab - it has the required files - just copy them to the install-directory of vmplayer.


                  Or just use the attached network.cab



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                    Diekeyser Lurker

                    Hallo continuum


                    thanx for the advice.


                    worked like a charm.

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                      phucbui Lurker

                      Thanks continuum :-)

                      It worked well

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                        mgr01 Novice

                        Well, I send the way I did it. Yes, it will look more than silly but it works from vmplayer 3.0 to my current 3.1.4 !!

                        Background: It seems that vmplayer does everything through a program called "appLoader" . The rest (most) are symbolic links to it. I persume that the program recognizes how it is called and acts accordingly.

                        You have to go to the real vmware directory (should be /usr/lib/vmware/bin ) and there create a symbolic link to appLoader with name vmware-netcfg.

                        As I said sounds silly but it works for me.

                        So : (everything done as root, i.e. su in normal Linux/Unix or sudo in Ubuntu flavours)


                             cd /usr/lib/vmware/bin

                             ln -s /usr/lib/vmware/bin/appLoader vmware-netcfg

                             ln -s /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-netcfg /usr/bin/vmware-netcfg


                        That's all. Then, you call vmware-netcfg  and voila !


                        Michael Gr

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                          felipunk Lurker

                          Hi everyone.


                          Just to let you know that I've used the mgr01 method and worked great, although the second command I didn't really understand and it actually didn't work (just the second command) after I've created the las link to the /usr/bin directory everythng worked great and I was able to launch the network configurator.


                          Two thumbs up for your method mgr01

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                            mgr01 Novice

                            If you mean the link within the vmplayer bin directory:

                            that's there because vmplayer does most links so, just to follow their way, and

                            because probably some other vmware program may call it from there.

                            It also may depend upon your Linux distributiion: Ubuntu-flavours use other directories than openSuSE and

                            tarballs may use different than repository-based auto-installation.

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                              rexxman Novice

                              I recently installed Player 4.0.2 and just checked that there is now a /usr/bin/vmware-netcfg; a link to appLoader, so it looks like VMware have finally restored this!

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                                mgr01 Novice

                                Well, mine 4.0.2 kept the previous link I had made.
                                Are you sure that you deleted the link before installing the new Player ?
                                You see, since it's not part of the original installation, it won't delete it.

                                So the link remains and keeps working since the appLoader does it all.

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                                  rexxman Novice

                                  mgr01 you are correct. 

                                  I just installed a new OS, then Player 4.0.3 and the link was NOT there. So it still has not been addressed by VMWare.

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                                    emanresu Lurker

                                    Pingback from http://www.technazgul.com/2011/01/advanced-network-configuration-using.html


                                    The UI comes already along with the player


                                    go to the vmware-directory and run in elevated cmd.exe-box


                                    rundll32.exe vmnetui.dll VMNetUI_ShowStandalone